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Storm Safety Whistle
All-Weather Safety Whistle Co

The Storm Whistle is the loudest whistle on the market but is substantially larger than the Fox 40.  Its unique design allows it to be heard under water and over long distances.  The Storm Whistle is perfect for any situation where help is a must. Since the Storm Whistle can produce a piercing shrill of up to 130db, it is a good bet you will be heard. 

The Storm Whistle creates a clear, high frequency sound, with a power rating over 75% greater than other referee and safety whistles.  It is currently in use by numerous federal and law enforcement agencies, rescue organizations and sports officials.

A survival whistle, like the Storm Whistle, is an all to often forgotten piece of necessary survival equipment.  The Storm Whistle by the All Weather Safety Whistle Company is a low cost piece of insurance that should not be overlooked.  Our version is international orange in color.


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